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Here at Yippr, our passion is to provide our fellow dog lovers with quality products for them and their pups at a reasonable price. Whether you need a new dog collar or lead, or you are looking for products to help you bring Fido along on your travels, we have what you need!

Dog Collars


At Yippr Pet Supplies, we have a variety of types and colors to choose from. One of our products that we are proudest of is our light up dog collars!

LED Dog Collars

Our LED collars light up nice and bright to help keep your pup safe while out for a walk in the early morning or late evening hours. It is also helpful for spotting him or her when they are roaming the back yard after dark! We have two varieties of LED dog collars: Classic and Premium. Both perform the same function, but the Premium collar has a longer light life and is made of heavier-duty materials.

Yippr LED Dog Collars
Yippr Leather Dog Collar


We are also excited to offer Yippr Leather Dog Collars for customers that prefer leather. Our premium leather collars are handmade from beautiful brown leather with brass hardware for the buckles. They are durable and made to last. Both types are rechargeable using a USB charging port (from a laptop, phone charger, computer, etc). The classic collar is available in seven bright colors while the premium style collar is available in five, so you can find the perfect color of collar to suit your pup!


At Yippr Pet Supplies, we have a variety of types and colors to choose from. One of our products that we are proudest of is our light up dog collars!

Lighted Dog Leashes


Our light up dog leashes are 6 feet long and come in 5 colors (blue, green, pink, red and black). The leash especially helps you to be more visible to any motorists, bicyclists and other pedestrians that may come along. It can be seen up to 1500 feet away! The leash/collar combo does a marvelous job of keeping both you and your pup safe. The leashes are also rechargeable using a USB port.


Our Yippr leather dog leads are also handcrafted from a beautiful brown leather. it is made from a tough harness leather and is hand stitched and beveled to ensure a sturdy leash that can stand up to the strongest and craziest of pullers.our leather leashes come in 4 foot or 6 foot lengths and are ¾” thick. We are so confident in the quality and durability of these leads that we have a lifetime warranty on them!

Yippr Leather Dog Leash

Traveling With PEts

If you love taking your pooch on adventures, or just the day to day trips and errands, we are also pleased to offer products to serve your needs.

Yippr Dog Car Seat Cover Protector


As much as we love our pups, we all know they can do quite a bit of damage to our car interior in even a 10-minute ride to the park and back. So, we have crafted our waterproof Yippr Dog Car Seat Protector Covers to help protect your leather and upholstery from the claws, dirt, water and fur that likely accompany your pup. Our dog car seat covers are made from a very durable, quilted material so that they are both tough but comfortable and breathable for your pet. We have created it with a hammock design so the back of your front seats are also protected. Finally, we made sure it had convenient but sturdy headrest buckles and seat anchors so that it won’t slide to one side, but so that it is also easy to put in and take out.


How many times have you taken your pooch out with you and the day was hotter than you anticipated or your outing longer than you intended, and you know he is thirsty and in desperate need of a drink? If all you have on hand is a water bottle, that can help, but most likely, the majority of the water will end up on the ground and the poor pup will barely get any. We have the perfect solution with our food grade silicone constructed dog travel bowls! They are extremely lightweight and compact. They are reusable, and collapse for easy storage and carrying. When you need it, simply pop it out and fill it up. Our dog travel bowls come in 7 colors and in packs of 2, 3 or 4. See something you like? Shop our online store now to see more details about each amazing product! We hope you will enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed making them!

Dog Travel Bowl

Customer Testimonials

Here at Yippr we value all of our customers and believe in providing high quality products at affordable prices. We use all of the products we recommend to you and are always thinking of new, innovative improvements to make our products better.

Jessica R. Manteo, NC January 22, 2018

Makes Us Feel Safer!

Our Yippr LED collar and leash makes us feel much safer when walking the dog in the neighborhood at night.

Rosey O. USA January 22, 2018

A True Life Saver!

We love our LED collar! Our 25 lb dog is almost invisible at night -- this collar is a true life saver!

T. Hernandez San Antonio, TX January 22, 2018

Excellent Experience with This Company!

My experience with Yippr was excellent. The leash I ordered was excellent quality, reasonably priced, and was delivered quickly.