Benefits of Using LED Lighted Dog Leashes

A dog is always a much-loved part of the family but they can be a handful especially when they are still quite young. As a result of this, you do want to protect your dog as best as you can. In a large number of accidents involving dogs and vehicles/bikes, the major complaint from the driver is that the dog appeared out of nowhere or that they didn’t see the dog in time to stop. Numerous accidents later resulted in the idea to create the Yippr LED Lighted Dog Leashes to provide more safety for the canine world. The best lighted dog leashes are battery operated and typically powered by a single but powerful lithium ion battery that is USB rechargeable.

But is it all just a fad or do you really need to go out and buy one as soon as possible? Let’s look at a few benefits of using this special kind of leash then you can make the decision yourself.

Benefits of LED Dog Leashes

– For Safety. These lighted led leashes are indispensable after dark especially if your dog is very dark in color. Even the most well-behaved dogs have their “moments” and when taking your four-legged friend out at night, some of these leashes are so bright they can be seen from up to 1500 feet away. For added visibility, you can choose from different LED settings like slow flash or quick flash, or simply leave on the solid light mode depending on the particular brand you’re using. Motorists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians have no excuse to come too close to the dog. Pedestrians and bikers, in particular, can be seriously startled or terrified if they come too close to large unknown dogs at night. You could prevent potentially fatal accidents by using a LED dog leash.

– They Are Practical and Useful. It’s always advisable to have control over your dog, especially in public. Depending on how excitable your dog is, they will at some point want to run off or move at a faster pace than you. This flashing lighted dog leash is not just some fancy item in that regard as it gives room for some movement but is firm enough that it won’t detach suddenly leaving the dog to run blindly into a busy street, for instance. Your dog remains completely in your control.

– Very Easy to Operate and Use. In good quality led leashed, the battery is rechargeable; additionally, most led dog leashes have a small switch that is easy to operate and will not accidentally get knocked off when the dog is straining against the leash. They can be charged using basically any USB port such as those on your PC, laptop, smart TV and so on. Average time to a full charge is between 60-90 minutes and the lighting will last up to 7 hours per charge once again depending on the brand. During the day, just switch off the lights and use it as a normal leash.

– Durability. They are mainly constructed from high-quality tough materials that will withstand twisting and most weather conditions. They are weatherproof and will not be damaged by drizzle, light snow or even dusty conditions.

– Hassle-Free Maintenance. They require very little maintenance. Just wipe it down with a mild soapy solution and dry off with a soft, damp cloth.

Making the decision to buy a lighted dog leash touches on one of the most important aspects of caring for your dog; keeping it safe and happy. For the same reason, you would not be comfortable driving in a car without a seat belt, you can be sure that once you use the LED dog leash, you will never want to do without it again. The fact that they are very affordable and usually come with an option of buying a matching collar means this is one deal you will not want to walk away from. You will love the compliments you get from people about your Yippr Dog Collar and leash, browse our website to see all the latest items for your pet.

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