Best Gift Ideas for the Pet Lover

Gifts for Dog LoversDog owners love their pets with a passion almost equal to the devotion they receive. A dog-related gift is a natural choice for someone with this love. Here are some of the top gifts for pet owners:

1. A Yippr Dog Leash: For those who ever walk their dog in the dark, an LED lighted dog leash is a great safety device. Turning it on for your nightly walks ensures your pet’s visibility through the glowing feature of the leash. It also has the additional benefit of enabling you to select various flashing options.

2. Doggie Art: You can’t go wrong with doggie art. Whether it’s a tastefully framed piece for the house or a bumper sticker for the car, dog lovers can share their passion with the world. Whimsical phrases and adorable pictures can brighten their day. Owners of mutts and breeds alike can declare their allegiance.

3. A Leash Bag: This accessory makes morning walks a cinch. No more thinking about what you need or gathering items. Everything is ready and waiting, already attached to your dog’s leash.

4. Led Dog Collar: a glowing led collar is also another great pet gift idea.This makes it easy for drivers, and people to identify the pets a distance. You can choose a matching led leash and led collars for the pet.

5. Lavender Dog Spritz: These botanicals are excellent for dogs with dry, sensitive and inflamed skin. Spritz on their coat and gently work into fur. Smells good and it’s soothing for your pup.

6. Pet Tag Silencer: Slide your pet’s ID tag in this pouch to keep it from jingling. Great for joggers and homes with sleeping babies. It also eliminates the possibility of pet’s tags getting caught in floor vents and other tight spaces.

7. Collapsible Travel Bowl: A good dog travel bowl is foldable and compact. Since they are collapsible, they take little space enabling you to carry it anywhere on your belt, pants or purse. This is a fantastic idea to get someone who does a lot of outdoor activities with their pet.

8. Pet Car Seat Cover: People who travel with dogs would definitely have this on their X-mas wish list. Quality pet seat covers for dogs help keep vehicles cleaner and keeps the dog in the back seat while traveling.

9. Bone Shaped Pickup Bag Dispenser: Take the preparation out of morning walks. Just grab the leash and go with a bag dispenser attachment. Fill with biodegradable bags and do the earth a favor too. Your neighbors will appreciate your preparedness.

10. Hand Painted Leash Rack: A portrait of your pet or pets is hand painted and carefully cut out of wood. Underneath are two pegs- ideal for holding leashes. This charming piece will be cherished forever.

11. A Doggie Bowl. Guaranteed to be used at least twice a day. This present is the best bang for your buck! Something heavy is preferable so that the hungry dog doesn’t tip it over. Choose elegant ceramic or perhaps something raised off the ground.