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We humans have been collaring our dogs since we started keeping dogs as pets. In centuries past people tied a strap of leather or fabric around their dog’s neck as a owners mark. As years went by people began to add the name of the dog and the name of the owner to the collar. Adding jewels to a dog collar is a fad with the wealthy that started more than 100 years ago. The styles and materials have changed and designs have come and gone. Good ideas tend to last while bad ideas tend to get left behind. The idea of using dog collars to identify our pooches is a good idea that has not been left behind. There is nothing more important to dog people than the safety of their beloved pets. Our pets are beloved to us and your pets are beloved to us as well. That is why at Yippr we take safety very seriously. Every product we sell is carefully chosen for safety and quality. If we wouldn’t trust a product with our own pets, we wouldn’t want you to use that product on yours. It is important for the safety of any dog that their collar fits correctly. A collar that is too tight can cause chaffing or can even choke the dog. A collar that is too loose can allow the dog to slip out and potentially put himself in a harmful situation. Yippr carries a full range of collar sizes to fit any size dog. Only the highest quality dog collars make it onto the virtual shelf at the Yippr online pet supply store. We offer a wide variety of dog collars to fit every need and budget. Our goal is to provide the very highest quality products we can find at prices every animal lover can afford.

Lighted Safety Collars

LED Dog Collar

A favorite type of collar that has taken the dog world by storm, is the lighted dog collar. LED Dog Collars spotlight the dog so he can be easily identified either day or night. Elderly owners especially appreciate the LED function as it makes their dog visible in the back yard even on a moonless night.

The LED dog collar can alert drivers of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles that he is there which can minimize the chance of an accident. The lighted collar can illuminate the area so the dog can see his way home if he gets separated from his owner. Delighted dog owners feel that the LED feature gives them and their dog a measure of security they didn’t have before.

We offer 2 different styles of LED dog collars. We have our Classic model which has been a favorite for years and we also have the Premium model which is a heavier duty version of our Classic model. The LED dog collars offered by Yippr are weatherproof and rechargeable. There are many fashionable designs and stylish color options to choose from with various closure mechanisms depending on the material.

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Best Leather Dog Collars

Leather Dog Collar CollectionLeather is the traditional material used to make collars for dogs. In fact, some of the most popular dog collar styles of all time are made of leather. Today leather ranks high as a favorite material for dog collars due to its versatility and durability. There are numerous styles and designs of leather collars, some very plain and some quite ornamental.

A popular choice is to have the collar personalized with the dog’s name. One option for this is a custom engraved leather dog collar which has the dog’s name embossed right into the leather. Another model is a leather dog collar with a nameplate engraved with the dog’s name that is attached to the leather. Besides the dog’s name, some owners choose to add an address or phone number so their dog can be easily returned to them in case he is lost.

Cow dogs in the old west were very important to their cowboys and they remain so to this day. Cowboys often spent considerable time and effort working the leather to make their dog’s customized collar. They added features that stood out visually for quick identification in the middle of a herd of cattle. If the cowboy was not handy with leather he might spend a whole month’s pay to have his dog’s collar custom made by a leatherworker. These days Cowboys still love to customize their western dog’s collar, but it isn’t only cow dogs that like to sport a little western bling. Now any dog can have a customized western leather dog collar when their people come to Yippr.

Rolled leather is a popular type of leather work that makes a finely finished dog collar. The process is an old one that is still used today. It works by rolling a piece of leather around a core material. In the old days, a rope was generally used, today it is usually a length of rounded foam or rubber. The leather is then sewn around the core and the excess is cut as close to the seam as possible. This configuration is very comfortable for the dog as it will not cut into the neck or matt and tangle with the dog’s longer neck hair. A rolled leather collar can be personalized with a nameplate or an identification charm for easy retrieval if the dog is lost. The comfort factor is the main detail that makes rolled leather collars a favorite with human beings and canines alike.

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