Best Dog Leashes and Leads

Choosing a High Quality Dog Leash

When any pet owner purchases any type of dog leash today, there are a number of things that must be considered well in advance. Since a one size fit all dog leash is not always appropriate, dog owners will need to do their homework first. According the recommendations of many dog training professionals in the industry, the size of the dog and the person that will be handling the pet can make a significant difference in the type that’s purchased. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in choosing the best dog leash for your dog, you should review the following considerations as it applies to you.

Select the Right Leash Length for Comfort

Even though most dog owners prefer to buy a dog leash that will give them full control of their pets, this may not be the best course to take. Specifically, since some pet owners usually want the shortest length that is available for maximum control. Unfortunately, the shortest lengths may create an environment that’s not the most comfortable for a walking dog, especially because they do not provide enough slack for the dog to roam about.

Another issue of concern is size of the dog as it compares to the height of the owner. Simply stated, the length of the leash must be a good match for both. For instance, a tall dog owner who walks a medium sized dog should have enough length on the leash to allow them to enjoy a long walk, but short enough to keep them within a safe distance.

Best Type of Dog Leash to Get

Once the dog owner has decided how long the leash should be, the next step is to shop around for the type of leash that they need and prefer. Since there a wide variety of different types on the market today, people can pick and choose which one is best for their personal needs. That said, here are some excellent choices that dog owners can make their selections from.

LED Dog Leashes

LED Lighted Dog Leash

It is safe to say that every dog is different. Therefore, there needs for a leash will vary too. This is one of the primary reasons why a dog owner may choose a led dog leash for their pets. For instance, with some of the latest designs in LED dog leashes, the owner may have access to more than one method of visibility. Two of the more commonly known consists of using active L.E.D. light and passive reflective stitching. Both are used to keep the dog visible to the owner at all times. Specifically, when taking the dog out at night for a late stroll. Also, if the dog is having problems with their vision in one or more eyes, this type of lighting can assist them with seeing objects around them much better.

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Finding the Best Leather Dog Leash

Leather Dog Leash

As previous referenced, the needs of a dog can vary based on a number of different factors and considerations. Some of which normally involves its size, its overall strength and the need for a leash that will not break when pulled on. This is one of the primary reasons for a leather dog leash to be a great investment, especially when the owner is handling relatively big dogs like a full grown German Shepherd. Leather leashes are not only strong but durable enough to last for longer periods of time.

Braided Leather Leashes

A braided leather leash is a very good choice for a number of different reasons. So, when a dog owner is shopping around for the best, they may decide to choose the braided leather leash. Here’s a few of the top reasons for making this selection.

  • Great leash for training the dog
  • Fashionable for those who like to take daily walks out with others in the park
  • Some trainers say that it is an excellent choice for military and police dogs since they are normally stronger and durable.

Leather Dog Leashes - 4' to 6' Braided Dog Leash