Guideline To Choosing a Dog Collar

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  • July 27, 2017
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Blue Dog CollarDog collars are essential accessories for a canine pet. This type of product provides a place to secure identity tags or a RFID chip. If the dog goes missing or gets lost, you will be found with ease and reunited with your companion. Collars are also perfect for securing the dog to a leash during walks. Also, these some of these accessories, such as luxury leather dog collars can serve as a fashion statement. If you are thinking about purchasing a dog collar for the first time, you might find the selection process challenging. Therefore, consider these simple guidelines when choosing the perfect collar for your furry friend.

Consider the Collar Style

When choosing a dog collar, you should start by identifying an appropriate style for the product. There are numerous collar styles in the market which are designed for daily use and others fabricated for special purposes such as light up dog collars for outdoor walking at night. The main styles of dog collars to consider include:

Traditional Buckle Collar

As implied, the traditional collar is the standard type that you will find just about anywhere, including general stores. This form of accessory consists of a flat and unembellished neck collar. In most cases, this is secured using a buckle which allows adjustment. This style is ideal if you are looking for a collar for everyday use because it is comfortable and hard to remove.

Breakaway Collar

The breakaway or quick release dog collar is a suitable choice for canine pets which often get in trouble. This flat collar is similar to the traditional type in design. However, the buckle area has a mechanism which is operates using pressure. If the dog is ever in a difficult situation, the collar will release when the pet pulls hard enough.

Martingale Collar

A martingale collar is designed and fabricated to have one large ring for the neck and a smaller one for the leash. The style allows the collar to tighten around the pet’s neck to tighten if the dog pulls away from the leash. The collar is perfect for training purposes; it will prevent the dog from running in the future when you are outdoors. There are other alternative dog collar styles, including center ring collar, dog harness, halter-type collars and chain-slip collars. You should explore the market for these unique collars if you are not interested in the standard options.

Select the Right Material

The dog collar material will determine the performance, durability, and ease of maintenance of the product after purchase. Also, different products have unique price tags, comfort levels, and appearance, depending on their construction. The main materials that you can choose are nylon and leather.

Nylon Collars

Nylon dog collars are common in the modern pet market because they are inexpensive to purchase. The fabric is also pliable, which means that dogs with sensitive coats will be more comfortable. Additionally, there are numerous options regarding colors and designs. On the other hand, nylon collars are not extremely durable.

Leather Collars

Leather is a durable material which will provide long-term service. This option is the traditional choice for dog collars because of the elegant and classic appearance. Most high-quality products are pliable which ensures the dog’s comfort. Unfortunately, leather is a little expensive, and it requires proper maintenance for long-term performance.

Identify the Right Collar Size

You should choose the right collar size for your dog to ensure optimal comfort and security. In general, the best way to determine the right fit is through measurements. Acquire a cloth measuring tape and use it to figure out the circumference of the dog’s neck. If you have a small dog, add an extra inch and for bigger dogs add two inches. This allowance will prevent too much tightness and discomfort.

Personalize the Collar

After purchasing a dog collar, you should customize it for identity purposes and visual appeal. You can attach some tags or have your specialty pet accessory dealer emboss, engrave or embroider relevant information.