How to Properly Clean a Dog Collar and Leash

  • Stephanie Megan
  • August 10, 2017
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A fresh-smelling well-groomed dog is every pet owner’s pride. Nothing can ruin shiny hair, clean teeth and nicely trimmed nails than a stinky collar! Regular cleaning of dog collars and leashes is essential for our best friend’s own protection.

A dog collar tends to get really dirty with the buildup of dust, debris, and skin oils, while a dog leash is prone to getting get accidentally stepped or peed on. You can only imagine the germs and bacteria contained in these daily wear, which altogether create a sanctuary for parasites such as fleas. Dogs will not be comfortable with a disgusting or worn out collar on their neck!

Proper maintenance goes a long way. Just as how their human masters’ clothing is kept fresh and clean, a clean dog dollar adds to the look good-feel good factor that keeps your pet happy. It gives you peace of mind that the collar or leash will not easily break while you are enjoying the outdoors. In case your dog gets lost, a well-cared for pet ID collar will stay intact for identification.

Whether you got your dog the cloth type nylon or leather collar, knowing how to appropriately care for the material is key to a long-lasting accessory.

How to Clean a Nylon Dog Collar and Leash

Clean Dog Collar

Nylon collars arrive in tons of attractive colors to suit your pup’s personality. The best way to clean this type of dog collar is by hand. Select only pet-friendly soaps, preferably all-natural products, since those made for humans have entirely different pH levels. Any residue left by harsh chemical-laden soaps can cause irritation and incessant scratching.

Cleaning with water and mild soap for sensitive skin will keep the dog collar vibrant and increase its resistance to wear and tear. To deal with stubborn dirt, remove the collar’s ID tag. Soak for 30 minutes in a 1:1 water and vinegar solution with 1 tsp salt. Rinse with cold water and lay the collar and leash flat to air dry.

You can opt to machine wash cloth collars and nylon leashes. Similarly, use milder cleaning agents. Put inside a mesh laundry bag first then do it on a gentle-cycle. Do not put in the dryer, since high heat can break down nylon collar fibers quickly. Once dry, you may want to apply flea and tick powder for prevention.

How to Clean a Leather Dog Collar and Leash

Leather collars are crafted with more expensive material that requires unique care and attention. Like any other leather material, it is best kept away from water and moisture to inhibit mold and mildew growth. Even without getting wet, accumulation of oil from your pet’s fur and skin can degrade a leather collar over time.

Cleaning a leather dog collar and leash is not complicated. You just need to keep a few things in mind. Chemicals not made for leather material and drying under the sun can do more harm than good! Use only specially-formulated, pH balanced, non-toxic leather cleaners to clear away mud and dirt. Simply spray onto your pet’s collar and leash then work your way with a sponge.

Leave the leather collar to dry some place cool and with ample ventilation. Once thoroughly dry, apply leather cream to condition and waterproof your pet’s collar and leather leash for worry-free everyday use.