Keeping Your Dog Car Seat Cover Clean

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  • July 27, 2017
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Dog owners love their furry friends, and though we enjoy their company, one cannot deny the fact that dogs tend to shed a lot. When dogs go for a car ride, their fur sticks to the seats and floor mats quite heavily, depending on the type of dog you have and whether or not your car has leather or cloth interior. Either way, using a hammock dog car seat cover is beneficial for dog owners as it protects the car seats from dirt, hair, odors, and paw prints. Regardless of whether your car seats are leather or cloth because dog hair and dirt can find a way to stick to any surface and it can be a difficult task to remove it. In addition to keeping hair, dirt, and odors at bay, dog car seat covers are perfect for protecting your car seats. Dogs can get excited in the car and sometimes accidents happen where they might tear a seat with their paws or teeth. Therefore, dog seat covers work to shield your car seats from tearing or biting caused by your dog. Try to find a dog car seat cover that is durable, easy to clean, simple to put on and take off, and is waterproof. Car seat covers for dogs will keep your seats in pristine condition while letting your pet have all the fun it wants in the backseat, allowing you to drive with confidence.

Keeping Odors at Bay

Washing Dog Car Seat CoversLuckily, most dog car seat covers are machine washable for convenience sake. There are several ways you can clean your car seat covers to remove any residue or odors. First of all, it is important to note that if you are using a washing machine to clean it, a simple rule to follow is to wash it on a gentle cycle and following with the recommended hang to dry method. When it comes to treatment, try washing the cover in cold or warm water with regular detergent, and add in a ½ cup of vinegar in the softener dispenser. If the odor is strong, increase the vinegar to 1 cup and repeat wash if needed until the odor is neutralized. It is important to wash the car seat cover regularly to ensure keeping odor at bay. An alternative treatment is adding Borax to your washing machine with white vinegar to cut the dog smell out of your car seat cover. Lastly, a deep wash solution to try is throwing the car seat cover in the washer with ½ cup of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda and ½ cup of white vinegar. Add these ingredients along with regular detergent and wash on a warm water wash cycle. You do not want to use bleach or another other chemicals that will harm the materials and/or remove the color.

Drying the Pet Seat Cover

Once you have successfully removed dirt, odor, and hair from your dog car seat cover, it is time to effectively dry it. Drying the cover is just as important as washing it because you want to ensure an effective dry that leaves it smelling fresh and clean. A couple ways to effectively dry the car seat cover is by drying it in the dryer on low or even no heat with a dryer sheet or hanging it outside to air dry (make sure it is not a damp day).

Car seat covers for dogs are easy to use, fairly simple to clean, and protects your vehicle’s seats from your dog’s hair, dirt, and odor. Most of the car seat covers have a hammock style so it protects not only your back seats but also the front ones too. You can purchase one for a reasonable price at and it is an investment that should last a long time.