Keeping Your Vehicle Clean While Traveling with Pets

Traveling with DogsTraveling is an exciting adventure to undertake. It is an exciting way to see the outdoors and familiarize yourself with different places and people. You get to experience nature and view scenic areas. Road trips are a recommended way to travel because you get to explore an unfamiliar area in the safety and convenience of your car. For other people even, driving around town counts as an adventure to get acquainted with where you reside.

For pet lovers and owner, traveling with them is usually a necessity and most times you have to factor them in when you are planning a trip. Most animals like cats and dogs need training on how to behave while in a moving car and most times they end up damaging the vehicle when they become excitable or scared. Keeping the vehicle clean with pets on board is a challenge seeing as they scratch the seats, leave fur everywhere and may even vomit on the seats, or worse, use them as a temporary litter. It can become a costly affair to always repair the seats after traveling with your pet especially if the seats are high-end leather which is very expensive to replace and may take time to order it in, rendering your car unusable until adequately replaced.

Preventive Solutions

If you do choose to travel with your pet, here are a few ways to make certain that your car is neat, tidy and in one piece after the expedition.

  1. Seclude them to one area.

When traveling with a dog, keep it on one side of the vehicle, either through restraints or using a crate or pet carrier. When they shed or make a mess, it will happen on where there are seated and not in the whole car, making it easy to clean.

  1. Plan ahead.

If you know that you will be moving around with your pets, it is good to factor that in when you are purchasing a vehicle. Buy a big enough car and one that is animal friendly.

  1. Preparation.

Dogs need to be trained on how to behave in a moving car. Before taking them on long trips, start with short ones like running errands with the dog in the vehicle to know what to expect and for the dog to familiarize itself and be comfortable while traveling. Also, train them not to scratch the car seats.

  1. Clean up.

When a mess is made, or there is fur everywhere, it is best to clean up immediately to lessen the damage that may occur. It is necessary to have to cleaning kit in the vehicle for the convenience of cleaning fast. Have towels on the ready, plastic bags and wipes available for use.

  1. Use one car.

If you are fortunate enough to have the luxury of owning more than one vehicle, pick one car dedicated to carrying your dog and stick to it. It will also be easier to clean one car instead of two.

  1. Seat covers.

A seat cover is the most important item to have in the car and without it; all the above measures will be rendered null and void. Since pets are often kept at the back seat, it is vital to have protective rear seat covers. Pet car seat covers come in handy here. They should be comfortable to transport the animal and also protect your seats.

What to look for when looking for the best dog car seat covers for traveling:

  1. Durability

Dog seat covers should be able to withstand biting and scratching from the animal. They should also be able to withstand cleaning without getting damaged.

  1. Waterproof

It is fundamental for the seat covers to be waterproof, more so the back seat bench covers where pets usually travel as this will help in cleaning them and will increase the longevity of the seats. The waterproof feature is also important if your seats are made of leather because it gets ruined quickly the more it’s exposed to water.

  1. Stain resistant.

Pet car seat covers should be resistant to stains. When stains don’t stick to the material, cleaning them out becomes easy and quick. Stain resistance increases the durability of the seat covers and the car seats.

All in all, traveling with pets can be messy, but if you take the time to prepare for unpredictable messes, you can prevent expensive repairs or cleaning on your vehicle.