Which Leash is Best for Your Dog?

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  • July 6, 2017
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Having a good dog leash is important since it will help you keep your pet under control. It is important to have the right length, material, and size to ensure your comfort as well as the dogs. The leash will ensure that your dog does not wander off and cause trouble while you walk on the street and it is also needed when you are training it to be obedient. Dog trainers usually recommend that you start using a leash from the time a dog is a puppy.

Types of Leashes

There are many types of leashes out there but we shall focus on the more common and best-preferred types.

Leather Leash

These are quite durable and they have a stylish look but with the style comes a higher price. A leather dog leash is likely to last the entire life of your pet though some dogs tend to chew on their leashes and with time you may find it looks old and you may decide to replace it. Many people highly recommend leather leashes from Yippr.com because they seem to soften with time and adapt to your grip which makes them comfortable.

Nylon Leash

If you cannot afford a leather leash, then you can settle for nylon since it is also quite strong and durable but at a cheaper cost. Also, nylon comes in a number of colors so if you are particular about colors you may like it. But you should know that they can fray over time.

Chain Leash

This is the solution to a dog that keeps on chewing on their leash. Not so many people like chain leashes because they can be heavy and they make noise. You may need to take into consideration the strength of your dog if you choose a chain.

Lighted Leash

If you like to walk your dog in the night in an area that has traffic passing close by, then you can consider a lighted dog leash. This reflects light so that your dog can be seen and you avoid accidents. They are also easier to find. They may come with different materials and the lighting or reflectors are simply added to it.

Retractable Leash

In some situations, you may wish to give your dog more freedom without you having to be pulled in the direction it goes. A retractable leash gives the dog more slack as it pulls away but you can then retract it if you need to keep it on a shorter leash. Some dog trainers will discourage using this on young dogs because it teaches them that pulling on the leash is a good thing so the dog never really learns to be calm when on a leash.

Seat Belt Leash

These are short  leashes designed to clip into the seat belt to keep the dog from climbing around in the car as you drive. In most cases, you will use it on the back seat with a pet car seat cover.

Multiple Dog Leash

If you have to walk a number of dogs at a go, then this is the leash you can use. It has more than one leash connected to the handle which means you can control all the dogs you are walking with just one hand.

Martingale Leash

This leash is designed to tighten around the dog’s neck if it pulls too hard. It is meant to teach the dog not to pull on the leash. You do not have to worry though that it may strangle the dog because it tightens just to cause discomfort.

What Length is Best?

The 6-foot leash is normally the best-recommended length since it provides a reasonable amount of freedom for the dog but also does not let it wander off too far. If however you are in a busy area and you need to keep the dog from tripping people with the leash or getting entangled around poles, then a 4-foot leash would be appropriate.

If you are training a dog, you may need a longer leash and that is when you can opt for an 8 or 10-foot leash. This helps you to teach the dog to obey commands from a reasonable distance while you still have some connection with it.

If you want a much longer leash then you can opt for a 50 to 100 feet leash these can be used for training or if you have a large yard and want to give the dog freedom to run around but not leave the home.

Other Considerations

When making a choice, you will need to consider how you will be using the leash. Leather and nylon are the most preferred leashes but depending on your need, you may choose other materials. It is also important that you look at the clip that connects the leash to the collar, you will want one that is easy to attach and remove but does not come off when the dog pulls on it. Nylon leashes are the lightest option. You may come across other types like rubber or cloth but those are not so reliable.