High Quality Leather Dog Collars | Custom, Rolled, Personalized & Western Collar Styles

Getting a high quality leather dog collar for your pet is a purchase that will last for years! Leather has been a favorite among dog owners for years because they last a long time and you can even get your pets name on them or bling them out western style with conchos or rhinestones. With leather dog collars you can get one that is sure to match your pet's personality.

Top Features in High Quality Leather Dog Collars

 When deciding on the perfect leather collar for your dog there are some key features you want to look for.

  • Top Quality Leather
  • Premium Buckles & D-Rings (Made of brass, stainless steel or nickle. Brass is the most corrosion resistant)
  • High Quality Stitching with Premium Thread
  • If a Collar has Rivets, the Rivets Should Be High Quality

Finding The Right Size

Measure the circumference of your dog's neck and try to find a collar closest to the size you need. Most leather collars have 5 adjustment holes and the collar size is typically listed using the 3rd hole. The distance between each hole is usually 1 inch.

Ready to Find That Perfect Collar?

All the leather collars listed below are some of the highest quality you can get without breaking the bank.

Best Leather Dog Collars
Custom Leather Dog Collar Styles
Padded Leather Dog Collar Styles
Rolled Leather Dog Collar Styles
Yippr Guarantee & Warranty

Here at Yippr we value all of our customers and believe in providing high quality products at affordable prices. We use all of the products we recommend to you and are always thinking of new, innovative improvements to make our products better.

Customer Testimonials

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5 Out of 5 Stars
Michelle B. New Orleans, LA

Love The Leather Collar!

The leather collar I bought is very sturdy, I love the color and the classic design. It looks great on my dog and will last for years to come!

5 Out of 5 Stars
R.J. McPherson Utah

Highly Recommend!

Exactly what I was looking for. I have a medium sized dog and didn't want a huge or bulky leather collar. The rolled leather collar works and looks great on my Buddy. I would definitely recommend this collar.

5 Out of 5 Stars
A. Norton Asheboro, NC

A Very Nice Collar

I am happy with the leather collar I ordered from Yippr. This is a beautiful collar with very soft leather. My puppy seems comfortable wearing it. Very well made, and the price was reasonable!

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