Planning a Successful & Fun Camping Trip with Fido

Camping with DogsCamping is an activity that many find fascinating and full of nature. It offers an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban centers and just relax your mind and body while enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery. If you are a dog lover, you have the chance to take your camping experience a notch higher by taking it with you. If you have never taken your dog with you to a camp before, you should be ready as you now have to care for two. By that I mean, your dog and yourself. Camping with your Snoopy not only helps you relax but also helps you grow a stronger bond. Furthermore, it is not that expensive, so there is absolutely no good reason to leave your dog at home. Below are a few tips to ensure that you are ready and also help you make the most out of the camping trip.

Ensure Your Dog Is Fit and The Campsite Is Pet-Friendly

Whether it’s just by the lakeside, miles away from your home or deep in the forest, dogs love the outdoors, and there is no better way to keep them happy than taking them with you to whatever destination you choose. Unfortunately, not all camping areas allow dogs. So don’t just pack and go blindly, ensure you consult with the management of whichever destination you select on their regulations regarding pets. Also, it is important that you take Scooby Doo to the vet for a health check-up. That will ensure that he gets all the vaccinations required and treatment against any possible diseases which he may contract during the trip. If you give a blind eye to these valuable tips, you might end up returning home even before the camp begins.


The second tip to having a successful camping trip with your dogs is to make sure he/she is obedient. Most of the camping time is spent outdoors which means, your dog is more hyperactive. He will try to run at the sight of birds, squirrels or anything else which he encounters in the wild. Without the right commands, it will be hell on earth. Therefore, ensure that your dog is familiar with all the controls. Also, it is a good idea to keep it on a dog leash with LED lights at all times. That will go a long way in making sure that he is always within your sight and will also keep you in total control. Either way, train your dog before you leave to make certain that whenever you tell him to sit, come, down, leave it or any other command, he will know what he is supposed to do. Keep Fido close to you at all times and when he is not on the lighted dog leash, have a flashing dog collar around his neck to spot him easily.


Yippr Pet SuppliesNow, this is an essential part of camping. It is important to know your camping gear is different from that of your doggie. Assemble the right food measurements for all the days you will be there, and a collapsible pet travel bowl, first aid kit, the essential grooming tools, and many other items. Also, don’t forget to pack a lighted dog collar. It comes in handy when you want to free it from the LED dog leash. It assists you to spot it quickly whenever it’s dark so always make sure you carry it with you to make the trip even more fun. A dog travel bowl helps when you need to save on space. Therefore, if you have two dogs, these will save you a packing headache and one more thing, ensure you have lots of water especially if your dog is the weighty type of breed which tends to get tired easily such as bulldogs.

Do Not Over Feed Your Dogs

To many people, camping means a time just to eat, hike, bike and more eating. Reason being they have a lot of time on their hands. However, when you take your dogs with you, the eating part should change. If you overfeed them then be ready to deal with a night full of bad gas. Also, they will poop too much. Hence feed them moderately to avoid this.

Other Tips

Finally, you should always be prepared for emergencies, especially if you are camping and hiking with your dog. Here are a few things to remember…just in case:

  • Carry many towels
  • Emergency medicine
  • Always keep your phone ready in case of emergencies
  • Ensure that someone knows where you are planning to go and when you should be arriving back