Premium LED Dog Leash by Yippr™

These premium quality dog leashes light up to protect you and your dog while out walking. This LED dog leash can be seen up to 1500 feet away by bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians. High quality construction using premium materials provides you with a nice looking leash that is trouble free!

Yippr USB rechargeable leashes can be charged via any USB Port (laptop, pc, smart tv, phone charger blocks etc) and can be fully charged in 60-90 minutes. The leash lasts up to 7 hours per charge.

Features of Yippr Light Up Dog Leashes

Quality Leash Construction & Features:

  • Constructed Using Strong Nylon Webbing
  • Dual Metal Swivels to Prevent Twisting
  • Soft Padded Handle is User Friendly
  • Quality Stitching
  • 1 Inch Wide – 6 Foot Long
  • Available in 5 Colors (Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Black/White)

Premium Light Up Features:

  • USB Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery
  • 100,000 + Hour LED Lights
  • Up to 7 Hours of Continuous Use Per Charge
  • 60 – 90 Minute Recharge Time
  • 4 LED Settings (Solid, Slow Flash, Quick Flash, Off)
  • USB Port Cover (Keeps Dirt & Moisture Out)
  • LED Bulbs Stays Cool

Additional Information:

  • Rechargeable Via Any Accessory with a USB Port (Laptop, PC, Smart TV etc)
  • Weatherproof – Keeps dirt, rain, snow out.
  • Easily Clean Your Leash with Mild Soap/Water Sponge Cleaning

Matching LED Dog Collars are also available.

NOTE: These dog leashes are WEATHERPROOF not WATERPROOF. They are built to withstand dirt, rain and snow and harsh weather conditions but not built to be submerged in water.


Warranty Information:

Yippr stands behind our products and this USB Rechargeable LED Dog Leash is guaranteed to be free from malfunction and manufacturing defects for 90 days. Full warranty information available under LED section at our Warranty page.